Pollutants can be 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. We spend up to 90% of our time inside, so this is a serious problem. A lack of ventilation means pollutants stay around longer, and we breathe them into our lungs.

Indoor air quality affects our health, both at home and at work. But what tips are there for improving indoor air quality?

Many of us are so used to poor-quality air that we dismiss it. Our team at Coastal Comfort can help you breathe clean air.

Read on for five indoor air quality tips.

1. Clean to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pet hair, and flakes of dead skin gather on our surfaces and fabrics. These can hang in our air, harming our air quality at home.

Clean your carpets once or twice a week with a powerful vacuum. This will remove pollutants in their fibers. Use an N95 mask while cleaning.

Wash your bedding at 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bacteria, mold, and dust mites. Keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) clean with a maintenance plan.

2. Ventilate Your Home

Open all doors and windows for a short time, even in winter. This lets the crisp outdoor air pass through your home, taking pollutants out with it.

Use fans and extractors in kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchen cookers can release pollutants into the air. Open a window and get the fan spinning.

American Standard’s air handlers regulate and move air through your HVAC system. This keeps your air fresh. Browse our American Standard range.

3. Invest in an Air Purifier

An air purifier works wonders for indoor air quality. Air purifiers remove pollutants, passing clean air into our homes for us to breathe.

The iWave removes pollution and viruses like COVID-19 in less than 30 minutes. Make the iWave air purifier part of your indoor air quality checklist.

Place your iWave air purifier in the busiest parts of your home. Hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms are key places for improving indoor air quality.

4. Replace Your HVAC Filters and Components

HVAC systems rely on their components. Change your filters like clockwork. A dirty air filter circulates filthy air around your home.

At Coastal Comfort, we stock filters, ventilators, and dehumidifiers for your HVAC needs. Keep your filters, components, and air fresh.

Wear an N95 mask when swapping your filter to avoid breathing in particles. Plan your HVAC maintenance to keep on top of indoor air quality.

5. Remove Sources of Pollution

Indoor sources of combustion, like fuel heaters, pollute our indoor air. If you smoke, avoid smoking indoors to help reduce cigarette fumes in your home.

Indoor plants can gather dust, and their soils may harbor mold. That said, they can boost oxygen levels. The choice is yours.

Click here for more on sources of indoor air pollution. The iWave air purifier gives you clean air in under 30 minutes. Make its job easier by removing sources of pollution.

Ready to Improve Air Quality at Home?

We hope our guide to indoor air quality gave you useful tips. When you spend time indoors, you need to breathe clean air.

Coastal Comfort has been improving indoor air quality since 1985. We offer HVAC repair and installation services in South Florida. Paired with technology like the iWave air purifier, our team can help you breathe clean air.

We stock air handlers, conditioners, and HVAC components. Our brands include American Standard, Mitsubishi, and Ruud. Whatever your indoor air quality needs, we will help you achieve them.

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