I have been using Coastal Comfort for years for my A/C maintenance because they are always on-time, thorough and professional. As with all machines recently my A/C died (it came with the house). I ordered a Lennox system from Coastal and they came and installed it. To my surprise there was something wrong with the unit (a manufacturing defect – hey, even Rolls-Royce occasionally screws-up). Though it took three visits, two experts and sophisticated electronic diagnostic equipment to lock in on the problem, Lennox stepped up and said not to fix the unit at all; they said to remove it and they sent over a brand new machine. Wow! Coastal Comfort came, removed the defective compressor, replaced it and now everything is perfect. Double wow!! Lennox reflects the best of the industry and Coastal Comfort reflects the highest form of professionalism and pride of work. What could have been a nightmare turned into a refreshing and ultimately a “cool” experience. Thanks you, Esras, Mike R. and Kyle. Readers who are looking for a recommendation – I cannot encourage you more forcefully and confidently to use Coastal Comfort. If there were 10 stars for a review I’d give it to them.