One question that Coastal Comfort staff and technicians frequently get asked is when the best time is to call and schedule air conditioning repairs. While following the recommended schedule for preventive maintenance in late spring and fall reduces unexpected problems, an A/C system may warn you that something isn’t right. If you notice any of the six following warning signs from your air conditioner, call for an appointment immediately.

1. Warm air blowing from the ducts

If warm air starts blowing from the ducts instead of the cool air that keeps the family comfortable, call a licensed, professional HVAC technician for help right away. Turn off the air conditioner to avoid putting further stress on the equipment. The problem could be refrigerant leaks or breaks in the ductwork. It’s important to have a pro check it out and get the system back up and running properly.

2. Foul odor when running the A/C

Call for a checkup on the A/C unit if it has a bad smell while it’s running. It’s supposed to deliver fresh, clean-smelling air, not a displeasing odor. A sharp, obnoxious scent may indicate the interior wire insulation is burned out. Mold in the ductwork or inside the unit usually causes a musty aroma. Shut the unit down until professional help arrives. Spores from the mold can spread throughout the house and cause illness, while faulty wiring is a fire hazard.

3. Grinding or other loud sounds from the unit’s interior

Scraping or squealing noises from the air conditioner aren’t normal. It can be the result of a slipping belt or something else off kilter within the system. Your Broward air conditioning expert will identify and repair the problem, preventing additional damage caused by loose pieces within the unit.

4. Air output from vents is inadequate

The easiest way to appreciate the job your A/C unit does is to experience a hot afternoon at home when the cool air is barely noticeable. You know how it’s supposed to feel, but the breeze coming from the vents has lost power. One cause of limited circulation is a problem with the air ducts. Another possibility is a failing compressor. The sooner the technician arrives and determines the cause, the faster the situation can be resolved, and the comfy cooling system restored.

5. Humidity is out of balance

Air conditioners remove a good deal of humidity, which holds heat, from the air in your home. The more humidity inside, the harder the unit works to remove it. The result is clammy instead of dry air circulating through the room. Not only does it create an unsatisfactory environment for breathing, it promotes unhealthy conditions by allowing the growth of mold and mildew. It’s important to have your home or business fitted with the proper size A/C unit.

6. Broken thermostat

Is the A/C slow to start or shutting off before the room reaches the desired temperature? Coastal Comfort trained technicians check the thermostat as well as the air conditioner. A smart thermostat gauges the amount of cool air needed for cooling and measures the unit’s performance. If it’s not working properly, it won’t send the right messages. This places undue hardship on the unit, leading to unsatisfactory performance and further problems.

Customers are often surprised to find out that air conditioners have an estimated life of ten years. A long life is achieved by calling for air conditioning repairs when they are noticed. Coastal Comfort installs, services, and repairs both home and commercial A/C units throughout Pompano Beach and Broward County. Call today for an appointment at 954-782-COOL.