Ruud Achiever RSNM-RSPM Series Package AC

The Ruud Achiever Series® RSNM-/RSPM- Package Air Conditioners can provide year-round heating and cooling comfort for residential, multi-family and light commercial applications. The following additional features, plus its energy-saving characteristics, make the RSNM-/RSPM- Package Air Conditioner an excellent choice for new construction or upgrading your present system.


  • Hi-Static Capability
  • Indoor Coil access for easy cleaning
  • Slide-out Indoor Blower for easy motor and blower maintenance
  • Slide-out Drain Pan for easy access and cleaning
  • Round Horizontal Supply & Return for application adaptability
  • Duct Collars provided
  • Condensate Trap provided
  • Removable Base Rails
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Copper Tube/Aluminum Fin Coils
  • Powder painted louvered steel cabinet protects coil from yard hazard damage
  • Painted Base Pan
  • Easily accessible Gauge Ports
  • Spacious Control Box for easy accessibility
  • Power and control wiring are kept separate
  • Certified and rated under ARI Standard 210
  • U.L. listed
  • Zero clearance to structure
  • Electric Heat Factory or Field Installed

Ruud will furnish a replacement for any part of this product which fails in normal use and service within the applicable period stated, in accordance with the terms of the limited warranty.

  • Compressor (1 Phase, 14 SEER Residential Applications) – Ten (10) Years
  • Compressor (1 Phase, 13 SEER Residential Applications) – Eight (8) Years
  • Compressor (13 & 14 SEER Commercial Applications) – Five (5) Years
  • *Any Other Part – Five (5) Years

*All other parts and components carry a limited warranty of five years, provided they are single-phase products installed in a residential application. Products installed in commercial applications have a one (1) year limited parts warranty.

Ruud RACA14 Achiever Package System

The Ruud Achiever ® Series offers comfort that fits your lifestyle – and your budget. Unique design features are built in to deliver years of reliable and efficient operation. It’s all the comfort you deserve, wrapped up in one smart unit.


  • Our Package Air Conditioners include a list of features that ensure performance that will keep you relying on Ruud for years to come for your home comfort. We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry.
  • Reliability is essential to your comfort at home. That’s why we’ve engineered our Package Air Conditioners with a microchannel refrigerant system. The system includes all-aluminum evaporator and condenser coils that fight corrosion and keep your unit operating like a pro.
  • The RACA14 is engineered with a unique water management design that diverts water away from the critical components of your air conditioner, preventing leaks and other potential problems. We’ve also included louvered coil protection to prevent damage to the coil fin. This added protection keeps the coil running longer for a better overall performance from your unit.
  • Efficient operation is on everyone’s mind these days, which is another reason our micro-channel refrigerant system is a plus. Micro-channel technology is responsible for superior heat transfer capabilities and uses up to 58% less refrigerant than standard copper tube aluminum fin coil models. Our units are also designed with 100% scroll compressor technology for enhanced reliability, performance and efficiencies. You’ll like the way it operates – and you’ll love the difference it makes on your energy bill.
  • Quieter operation is attributed to several design features our new Achiever ® Series Package Air Conditioner. A durable cabinet design combined with our scroll compressor and an elevated base pan helps reduce noise for comfort that’s as quiet as it is reliable.
  • Limited Warranty*: Compressor – 10 years, Conditional parts – 10 years

*For complete details of the limited and conditional warranties, including applicable terms and conditions, contact your local dealer or go to for a copy of the product warranty certificate. Conditional warranties must be registered through