One of the main reasons people love Florida is because of its warm climate. However, this can pose a challenge for keeping your home comfortable in the spring and summer time. It’s important your air conditioning unit is well maintained to keep your home at a nice cool temperature all year long.

Some signs you might need to perform some maintenance on your AC are when your air conditioning is taking too long to cool, you are experiencing high electric bills, or a noisy unit. There are a great deal of benefits to maintaining your ac unit, such as lower electric bills, and a decreased chance of having to replace your unit. If you keep up with a few routine maintenance tasks you will ensure your air conditioning system is running when you need it the most.


Clean and Replace Your Filters

One of the most important things you can do to keep your air conditioning running efficiently is to keep it free of dust. Make sure to check your filters monthly. It’s a task we are all likely to forget, so set a reminder on your phone. They should be replaced a minimum of every 90 days.


Remove Debris

Make sure you get rid of any leaves or branches that make have fallen on or near your air conditioning unit. Debris can cause issues that lead to hot temperatures, wear and tear, and high energy costs. Its also a good idea to clear the area around your ac unit and give it around 2 feet of clearance.


Clean the Fins

Take of the outer covers and vacuum it with an outdoor vac to remove all excess dirt. You can also rinse it off gently with a hose.


Hire an Expert

It’s best to have an expert come and perform routine maintenance on your unit twice a year. They can perform some of the tasks that are a little more trouble such as inspecting the wiring and cleaning the inner mechanisms of your unit. They can find possible leaks, check refrigerant levels, and check connections to avoid future failure.

If you would like someone to help with your HVAC installation, repair or maintenance services in Pompano Beach, Coastal Comfort is hear to help. We have been fixing and maintaining air conditioning units since 1985. We even have annual maintenance plans for your peace of mind!