Have your home’s energy bills gone through the roof? If so, it could be because inflation has caused energy costs to increase over the last year.

However, you might also find that your utility bills have spiked because you have an old thermostat in your home. Most thermostats are only going to last for about a decade. After that, they’ll turn into relics, and they can wreak havoc on your energy bills.

Here are a few of the reasons why your old thermostat might be forcing you to pay higher energy bills than you should have.

It Might Be Dirty

If you’ve gotten into the habit of cleaning your old thermostat, you might not have to worry about it being too dirty on the inside. But if you just thought, “Wait, I’m supposed to clean my thermostat?!”, in your head, it’s probably filthy.

When an old thermostat is dirty, it can stop the sensors inside of it from detecting the temperature in your house. This could cause your old HVAC system to struggle to keep up with its demands and run almost all the time. It’ll eventually lead to your energy bills being higher than they’re supposed to be.

It Might Not Be in the Right Location

When you first installed your old thermostat 10 years ago (or more!), it was likely in the ideal location for it. But since then, you may have done some renovating and/or remodeling. You may have also installed doors and windows in different places or made other changes within your home.

Because of this, your old thermostat might not be in the right spot anymore, and it might be having a tough time figuring out what the temperature in your home is and what it should be. This can result in your HVAC system running for long stretches of time and driving your energy bills up.

It can also result in the need for residential HVAC repairs over time. Your HVAC system will be working so hard that it’ll need more TLC than usual.

It Might Be Outdated

Thermostats have come a long way in just the last 5 years, let alone the last 10 years. They’re smarter than ever before and can actually learn your habits and adjust your home temperature accordingly.

If you aren’t taking advantage of this, you’re making a huge mistake. You’re going to continue to pay utility bills that are too high until you make the decision to ditch your old thermostat and switch to a smart one.

Let Us Replace Your Old Thermostat With a New One

If you have an old thermostat in your home, the simple fact is that you’re most likely spending too much on your energy bills each month. You can change this right away by having a new thermostat put in its place.

Would you like to invest in a smart thermostat and have it installed by a professional? Contact Coastal Comfort to obtain a new thermostat and to take care of all your other HVAC needs.