These days we take the extreme comfort of our homes, thanks to the helpful HVAC systems, for granted. But what happens when you have an HVAC leaking water and you are slowly losing your cool?

You read this list, see what you can do on your own, and then see where to go for what you cant.

Why is There Water In The First Place?

Sure the AC you have provides a cool room or home but it doesn’t create cool air itself. It removes heat and transfers it outside the home. There are three stages to the process. 

While this occurs the air is being blown over the refrigerant coil. Over the coil there is moisture created in the hot, humid air. This collects in a drain pan, moves down a drain line and then outside.

Leaking occurs when there is something that interrupts the normal cycling and draining.

Reasons for an HVAC Leaking Water

There are some instances when you can address the concern on your own. Though many of the problems that cause the issue of an AC leaking water should be addressed by a proper professional.

Blockage and Clogging

The first place that can easily clog is old air filters, after an extended time of using these can eventually let contaminants and dirt into the HVAC system. It can easily clog the condensate drain line if it gets bad enough causing overflow.

Aside from dirt, the algae is a major factor in drain clogging. The lines in an HVAC system are a perfect environment for the breeding of this and as it grows it can put stress on the tubing and entire system itself.

Icing on Evaporator Coils

There are two causes for a frozen coil, issues with airflow and a leak of refrigerant. With reduced airflow there is not enough warm air passing over the coils allowing the liquid to turn into gas, so instead the refrigerant freezes. 

An HVAC system is set up to collect runoff from the standard operation but when this coil freezes and then eventually melts when the system cycles off there will be leaking and pan overflow.

A Broken Condensate Pump

These pumps are for units located in areas where the simple pull of gravity is not enough for drainage. A good example is an AC placed below ground in a basement unit. 

If this pump fails then the water has nothing moving it along so it sits and pools up. Over time, this will lead to leaking because of build-up. Be sure to inspect for pump cracks and wear.

What to Do Now

Don’t worry! There are steps you can take before calling in the troops if your AC is leaking water. Check those air filters, it is an easy fix. If you see any dirt or residue get rid of them.

Check the air vents around your home as well as possible. Make sure there are no obstructions that are blocking airflow to or from the system.

If it was a coil problem run the fan while the system is off. By doing this you can speed up the thawing time because it will blow warm air over the coils.

Keeping Dry With An HVAC Leaking Water

You know what to look for, what can cause it, but do you know where to go to get help? When the HVAC system in your home is on the fritz you know you want to get it settled ASAP to get that level of comfort steady.

If you have an HVAC leaking water get in touch with the experts at Coastal Comfort so you can continue to keep it cool and keep it going!