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I have tried them all and found that Coastal Comfort is the best. I have been using them for fifteen years and have never had a complaint.

Jerry M., Coral Ridge, Florida


We just completed a new A/C install before the hurricane with Coastal Comfort. We highly recommend them. Very professional. Give Lenny the sales rep a call. He is very knowledgeable.

Paula H., Coral Ridge, Florida


My A/C unit, which was 7 years old, needed the coils cleaned. The company I generally use was going to charge me $450 but could not do it when they sent a technician out on my initial service call.

Since the original company could not clean the coils when they came out, I was able to shop to see if I could find a better price and my first check was with Angie's List. Coastal Comfort had positive reviews so I called for an estimate and they quoted me $350, and I was able to set an appointment for the next day. The technician was well qualified, prompt, pleasant and respectful of keeping my house tidy in the work area. He also surveyed my outdoor compressor and found a minor issue which he was able to fix for $36.00. I was very happy with the overall service and customer service of Coastal Comfort and would use them again.

Kari B., Hollywood, Florida


Our A/C had stopped working in the middle of the afternoon on a day when we had a lot of storms, including lightning. We checked circuit breakers, etc., but could not get the A/C to start working again. The next morning I called the company (after checking Angie's List, of course) and was given an appointment for later that morning. When the repairman arrived, he checked out the entire system and found the basic problem: the insulation had worn off a wire which had been vibrating against a Freon® line. This caused a spark which punctured the Freon® line and kicked off the circuit breaker. He repaired the Freon® line, cleaned the system, refilled the system with Freon®, removed, cleaned and replaced the coil, and made sure the entire system was working well. He also checked our vents and advised us about improving the air flow direction by changing the way some of them were mounted.

The repairman was actually early; even called before he arrived to ask if it was OK to be early. He was very professional, was here a few hours and completely fixed the A/C. It has been nearly a month and it's still working fine; actually cooling better than it had been prior to breaking down. This company is very easy to deal with ... setting up an appointment, billing/payment ... and the repairman and the office staff were all very friendly.

Gregory F., Lauderdale Lakes, Florida


I purchased my high efficiency system a year earlier from a different company, much to my regret. The system was not cooling and the programmable thermostat was improperly programmed by the company that sold and installed the unit. Coastal Comfort reprogrammed my thermostat within 5 minutes after familiarizing themselves with the unit based on the installer's instruction booklet. Then basic maintenance was performed. My unit has been exemplary since last year. Their price was modest and very fair for the work performed.

My 1 year old high efficiency system installed by a different company was not cooling properly, despite several service attempts by the installing company (no names mentioned). I was so uncomfortable! Went thru a list of A/C companies who serviced my type of system and was fortunate enough to stop at Coastal Comfort's contact info. They sent someone out the next morning who, after a 5 minute review of my installer's instructions, completely understood how to reprogram the thermostat so that it worked the way it was intended to. The company that sold the unit to me and installed it couldn't figure it out. (Once they had my money, they didn't care to honor their 2 year installation warranty). But Coastal Comfort was outstanding. They were very fairly priced, extremely professional and responded quickly to my service request. I am typically somewhat critical of service providers and tend to expect a negative result, but this company was the best. I recommended them to my friends and neighbors. You will find them to be accommodating and knowledgeable.

Carol W., Pompano Beach, Florida


I am unemployed and divorced so I wasn't sure if I had a plumbing or A/C problem, so I went on Angie's list and called a Plumbing service first. It wasn't their problem. Now, I didn't know exactly what was wrong with my A/C unit...hoping for the best, I called Coastal Comfort. It was not a long wait. I called and a few minutes later they called and said someone would be there in a few minutes, so that was another good response. Esdras was here quickly, and when he looked at the unit he said I might have a build-up in one of the pipes. He is extremely nice, polite and we talked while he worked because we had some things in common. He took a good look at the unit, found it wasn't serious and went ahead and cleaned out what was causing the problems. He finished with the service part and used some testing equipment in my unit and even went up to the roof to do some testing up there. He saw I needed to replace the filter and did that so I didn't have to do it myself. Coastal Comfort has a very good employee (in Esdras), who is very professional and polite. He even told me he was expecting a baby and I wished him good tuck. I liked the service very much so I signed up for a maintenance program for them to come twice a year to check my A/C unit. While he was writing up my receipt he called and asked about my Angie's List coupon they offered, and it was applied to my service call. I know these services cost money but the original fee was $95, and that is a little hard for someone who is unemployed...but what can you do? I am so glad I know they will take care of my A/C unit, so I'm m good hands now with service guys like Esdras, and I am grateful I am a member of Angie's list, where I can go for reliable service no matter what category! My experience was extremely good, I'm very happy with the handling and timing of the call, and with Esdras, the service man from Coastal Comfort that did the work.

Gina Marie R., Pompano Beach, Florida


Coastal Comfort comes out every 6 months. They have the best prices and are very professional. They wear professional uniforms and always introduce themselves. Their office staff is always very friendly also.

Frances G., Davie, Florida


Dear Carol,

Thank you so much for all that you do. I just wanted you to know that your good work is so very appreciated. It is because of my dealings with you that I remain a loyal customer of Coastal Comfort. You are truly a joy.

As Always, My Very Best,
Terry M.



Much thanks for a really great and efficient service call!!

Best Personal Regards,
Ed S.